Kelly Kugler


Allora Collective

I’ve made some big changes across my career and I want to make it easier for other people to do the same. From relocating across the US and to Europe while working in global recruiting, I learned the essentials for a successful move along the way. These experiences have allowed me to help others find similar opportunities and navigate the process of these transitions.  


Whether it's a career change or a relocation, I help people change their lives. In Spring of 2020, I am launching a new business venture: Allora Collective - a coaching model that specializes in career and relocation transitions for individuals and businesses. 


The first time I changed directions in my career was after I earned my degree. Instead of following the path to teach, I joined a startup in a field I knew nothing about. I thought of it as an opportunity to see how a business is built. That was the beginning of my own career journey in creative services operations and business development before finding my way into recruiting. This allowed me to build my network and take it in a new direction - instead of producing a brand’s creative work I was helping them find amazing talent.  

In 2013, after years of over-thinking a move to the west coast I quit my job in New York CIty, packed up my car and drove to Los Angeles on a 10 day road trip across the US. I found my new home in Venice, CA and landed a position with General Assembly where I created an original job search program for graduating tech talent. My next move was to the NFL where I built a recruitment and talent acquisition program for the technology team including producing their first hackathon. 

After my first solo road trip through Italy in the spring of 2016, I knew I needed to travel more. I asked for some introductions from my network, then Booking.com relocated me from Los Angeles to Seattle in the fall of 2016 to manage technology recruitment. Less than a year after arriving in Seattle, I accepted their offer to relocate to Europe and work from their Amsterdam HQ. Living in Europe was a whole new world. I was lucky to know people I met on work trips to HQ who helped me navigate my new world when I moved there. We became each other’s best relocation coaches, sharing advice on everything from healthcare to planning holidays. Together, we made it happen. I want everyone to have that level of support and much more. We should all be able to try something new with the support we deserve. After Amsterdam, I returned to Los Angeles to start my own consulting business to continue supporting talented people through their job search and relocation process. 

In Spring of 2020, I will be launching my new business venture: Allora Collective - a coaching model that specializes in career and relocation transitions for individuals and businesses.