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Subscription plans include:

  • Ongoing communication between meetings  

  • Paid sessions rollover and never expire  

    • Book your remaining session time after your subscription ends  

  • Each month includes 2 hours of 1:1 sessions

    • All clients have the option in the calendar to use their 60 minutes across two 30 minute sessions

  • 15 minute meetings are free and unlimited for the duration your subscription

    • These are best for status updates, interview prep, offer negotiation questions etc




60 Minutes/ $150

Need an assessment and strategy for your job search, interview process or an offer negotiation? Prepping for a promotion or performance review? Evaluating relocation options?

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30 Days/$249

Ready to organize your plan or strategy? Need to add momentum with a resume review and interview prep? In a new home and want personalized resources to build your new life?

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90 Days/ $199 per month

Planning a career pivot and/or relocation? Preparing to accept an offer or recently made a change? This plan gives you the consistent, dependable support for the marathon of change you are  experiencing.

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